How to spread the Peerby love

Peerby allows you to share stuff with your neighbors. The more people join our community, the more there is to share! In the Netherlands, 80% of requests are answered within 30 minutes. Peerby works best when a lot of people in your neighborhood join in. Would you like to invite your neighbors to sign up? This is how you do it!

How to spread the Peerby love?

Do you like to help spreading the love and make your neighborhood an even better place to live? Word of mouth works best in spreading the Peerby love. A word from you works a thousand times better than an email or talk by us. Below you find three ways to spread the Peerby sharing spirit:

With this link: you can invite your friends and neigbors via email or social media to become Peerby pioneers as well.

You can also promote Peerby online with the online member package. You find logo’s, example texts and pictures that you can share!

You can download the offline member package and print out your very own Peerby poster, mask and flyer. Feel free to customize!


Do you have some communities or sharing initiatives in your neighborhood already? Tell them about Peerby! A lot of new members come from local communities and initiatives that are already into sustainability, social cohesion because a tool like Peerby makes it even easier to help each other.